Manage Procurement Spend Like It’s Your Own Business!

Procurement and Procurement Spend. Purchasing. Commodity Management. Category Management. They are all running their own businesses within their companies, or at least they should be, whether they realize it or not. Goods and services spend in many companies is the largest, or one of the largest, expenses. And all of this is managed by Procurement […]

Indirect Procurement – It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

Indirect procurement of goods and services can be one of the largest areas of expenditure in any company.  And the operational impact that the provision of Indirect goods and services can have on a company can be significant, either positively or negatively. Yet the lack of attention and focus that Indirect Procurement is often given […]

Hey Procurement! It’s Time to SELL!

The Procurement, or Purchasing, function is considered by many to be a necessary but non-strategic part of any organization. But there is a profoundly significant Procurement value chain. Study after study shows that this is a common view held amongst Executives and peer functions alike. This is not to say that they believe Procurement doesn’t […]

Supplier Collaboration is a Win-Win Strategy!

Suppliers are an intrinsic part of the Supply Chain.  It does not matter what business you are in, what products you make, distribute and sell, or what part of the world you are in.  And it doesn’t matter where in the Supply Chain you are.  You can not accomplish anything without collaboration with your Suppliers. […]

Strategic Supplier Relationship Management

Shortly after I joined the Commodity/Category Management Procurement organization I was invited to attend the annual Strategic Supplier Awards event. It was all about Strategic Supplier Relationship management. There were Executives from dozens of Suppliers in attendance. The event concluded with award recognition given to Suppliers based on their scoring and standing as being of […]

Procurement Don’t go to the Dark Side!

Early in my career I worked in a department that was responsible for the design,testing, sourcing and procurement of packaging materials.  It was a great experience and introduction to so many aspects of the Supply Chain. Link Original:

Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course for Procurement!

The theory is simple!  If you can increase spend levels through centralized spend aggregation across entities then you increase your leverage in negotiations. This leverage should translate to lower costs and better terms and conditions.  But there is a spend aggregation obstacle course to be overcome first. Link Original: