In this article we present a framework that researchers can use when they prepare and conduct Action Research (AR) projects. Authors can also use the framework as a guide for how to write relevant and rigorous AR articles. AR is an applied form of case‐based research that can provide exceedingly relevant research in applied fields such as supply chain management. At the same time, AR is also a criticized research approach, particularly in terms of research rigor. With the ambition to address, as well as bridge, the gap between the relevance and rigor within AR research, we first develop a comprehensive research methodology framework that synthesizes the crucial aspects of the AR research methodology. Secondly, we review existing AR articles within logistics, operations management, and supply chain management and present the current state of AR research. After a critical review of the existing articles using our framework, we delineate vital aspects that should be addressed in future AR research. As relevance and rigor are not at odds, we believe that our comprehensive framework will pave the way for a growing stream of rigorous, as well as relevant, AR research.

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