CSPP program is designed to help companies improve their supply chain planning process. The course contains practical concepts and actionable best practices that covers the critical areas of the end-to-end supply chain planning based on industry standards. Critical inputs, outputs, metrics and the interplay of cross functional team for the key supply chain process will be covered in two modules.

CSPP Program – 8 sessions
Module 1 –
Supply Chain Planning and Demand Management (4 sessions)
Module 2 – Supply Management and Inventory Planning (4 sessions)

Reducing cost and managing risk while ensuring high customer satisfaction is a key priority in supply chain management. However, most companies fall in the area of poor planning. Lack of effective supply chain plans lead to problems in supply chain execution, resulting to customer fill rate issues, lost sales, opportunity and excess inventory impacting working capital.

– Learners will identify opportunity areas in supply chain planning process that will help improve service levels and inventory cost risk reduction
– Improve credibility, capability and confidence in supply chain planning expertise.
– Equipped with knowledge and capacity to help further add value, improve cost and manage
risks of their company supply chain.